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Rethink the Rant


The following includes descriptions, photos, and video that may serve as a trigger for victims of sexual violence.
Please be advised. 

Someone asked me today, “What is ‘rape culture’ anyway? I’m tired of hearing about it.”

Yeah, I hear ya. I’m tired of talking about it. But I’m going to keep talking about it because people like you keep asking that question.

Rape culture is when a group of athletes rape a young girl, and though there are dozens of witnesses, no one says, “Stop.”

Rape culture is when a group of athletes rape a young girl, and though there are dozens of witnesses, they can’t get anyone to come forward.

Rape culture is when a group of athletes rape a young girl, and adults are informed of it, but no consequences are doled out because the boys “said nothing happened.”

Rape culture is when a group…

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Crazy like fox?

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Get everything you need to know here

You wont be disappointed.

snuggled up.

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in the event..

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.. of a Zombie invasion, I will be heading to Zombieseatcheese’s house and Fringe-ing it up.  I suggest you join me.

its easier.

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Fun city.

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This post is a little delayed.. On my birthday weekend (9th April) I headed out to Fun City with the boyfriend and 2 mates. I wanted to do the bungee run but, being the last weekend of the school holidays it was all booked out by little kids birthday parties and such. So I did what any self-respecting 22 (again) year old would do and pwned all those little kids on the claw machines. This decision put me on the path to the realisation that im freaking awesome at claw machines. My constant winning put me on quite the high, then I won 2 tickets to the movies! I turned to my friends and screamed “I won tickets!!” Holding them up in the air and jumping around. Two 10-year-old boys came over to my claw machine to see. “yeah but how many times did you have to play that to win them?” one of them asked, trying but failing to hide his jealousy “oh, I’ve only played this machine twice” I replied as I casually popped another $2 coin into the machine and got another teddy. “WTF!” he yelled to his mate. I looked at him and laughed, high fived my friend and screamed “I won again! im such a winner!”   After 6 toys, 2 movie tickets and a smart ass 10 yr old left standing in a corner giving me the evil eye I decided I’d run out of money had enough and rounded up my friends to go home.

Here is a pic of the toys I won that day.


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It was pretty hot on the weekend..logical thing to do is turn on the cooling. Normally the cooling system is pretty good but it wasn’t really doing its job and cooling me down on this particular day. My boyfriends sister came into the room and commented on how warm it felt. ‘it is warm’ I thought to myself.. I checked the remote, yep it was set to ‘cool’  hmm maybe the cooling system is broken? Now being a typical Melbourne week, I must point out to you that the weekend before,  was quite cold, so I had the heating on at 30 degrees. 
My boyfriend got a little frustrated with the heat and asked me to double-check the remote, “it’s on cool!” i said pointing at the remotes screen, “yes, but whats the temperature set to ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I had been cooling the room down to a balmy 30 degrees, I burst out in hysterics as I turned the temperature down and my boyfriend stood shaking his head at me.